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Hi future APUSH'er,

My hope is summer has been restful and replenishing for you and yours. Mine has been GREAT.


As noted above we don't have a summer assignment, yet those who yearn to have a jump start can access the electronic version of Module #1 and Investigation Guide. Completion of the Investigation Guide is purely voluntary and is worth 25 extra credit points (about 50% of a unit test score). Please present your work to me personally on the FIRST day back and I'll give the points but also show you how to place work into your composition book (see syllabus).

With anticipation and stay classy!


                              (posted 07/29/2022) 



"Great minds discuss ideas, 

Average minds discuss events, 

Small minds discuss people."

          Eleanor Roosevelt

In this course (APUSH) we cover everything from G.W. (Washington) to G.W. (Bush). A major goal is to help students identify the key forces and major developments that shape American history. We accomplish this by chunking history into nine eras and using historical themes using the MAGPIE acronym:

Migration and Settlement

- American and the World 

- Geography and the Environment

- Politics and Power

- American and National Identity 

- Work, Exchange and Technology 

- Society and Culture

Although the bulk of this course will be handled through our Canvas portal, you can utilize this website for general information and upcoming events for the APUSH community. 

Go Bears!


Aug 10

Aug 15

Aug 19

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Temecula, Ca 92592

Room 1116

(951) 695-7300 x3246


APUSH Scores Available - July 15, 2022

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Aug 26

TVHS Home Football Game

vs. Elsinore HS



How To Join Your AP Section

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Homecoming Game

TV vs. ???????


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