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Jogger. Surfer. Baja Lover. Father. Teacher. 

​During the week you'll find him coaching students toward excellence by day and working nights tinkering with his side business, playing board games as a family and staying up too late enjoying Stephen Colbert. Never a dull moment for this bald guy.

His weekends consist of serious naps, watching football, and any form of sugar in a small bowl. He enjoys the beach with his family, road-bikes for therapy, and jogs the hills for reflection. And a few times a year he traipses through a half-marathon with friends and colleagues.  

The founder, director and principal of Ventana Ministries, Cosecha128, Baja Beerology and Chivomatic, this guy is a modern-day "tent-maker", blending the private and public sectors to better society. 

He’s entrepreneurial, a fierce provider, and has a manic commitment to leftovers. An insightful strategist and promoter with a passion for creating non-profit programs, education and building equity through emotional connections.

Areas of expertise: non-profits, public education, community outreach, social media, public speaking, volunteer management, entrepreneurship and event planning.


Doug VomSteeg aka "Steeger"



He managed to avoid all the hard classes, skip school a ton, dabbled in sports, and sought anything that increased his social clout. Let's just say he was shallow, selfish and sophomoric. 

Lived local. Thought local. And went to the only UC school that accepted him. Back then it was called UC Reject - a perfect fit for this unmotivated student. Four years later he walked out with a degree in history and a clear path on becoming a HS teacher. 

Discovered that school came easy and the quickest way to get a pay raise was to get more schooling. Completed his MA and began taking his career a tad more serious.  


My father was a fierce provider and a fantastic Dad. To scrape together money for vacations and the "extras" he started a commercial cleaning business to augment his teacher salary. I was a toilet, ashtray, dusting and vacuum specialist every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Toilets inspired me to get a degree!

Growing up in rural California provided a job working on a dairy farm and business. I'd help with the feeding, milking and weighing the cows by night and work the storefront selling milk, butter and cream by day. Chilled cream from the cow was legit. #unfiltered #notpasturized #nohormones #still-living

Another seasonal job was heating the orange orchards during the cold winter months with smudge pots. We'd pace the orchards from midnight until sunrise trying not to get spooked or turn to popsicles ourselves. Random fact: This was approved school absence for job training. #smogproducer

And the job that influenced my career decision the most was working four summers as a Camp Counselor. The pay was lousy but the benefits were incredible. Met life-long friends and married one of them. @mounthermon

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